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Welcome to Bliss

By Robin

Bliss by Robin teaches young people yoga to help them de-stress, focus and become comfortable in their physical body, relieving muscular tension and strengthening the whole body, especially the core and back.

Bliss was created by Robin, who is one of the worlds youngest qualified yoga instructors.

Being a young practitioner herself, she wants to share yoga in a way that is accessible and fun for young people, and works tirelessly to ensure her yoga students are treated as an individual and have an enjoyable experience.

Robins teaching is based on research exploring the needs and desires of young people. The classes are scientific so that they are open to people from a range of backgrounds, genders and beliefs. You won’t find any hippy ‘mumbo jumbo’ in Robin’s classes. However, if you are into the spiritual side of yoga Robin can tailor make a practice for yoga through a one to one session so you can explore that further, equally if you just want a physical practice to help you improve flexibility, relax, tone or balance Robin can teach in a range of styles to create a practice which meets your needs. 

Breaking the stereotypes…

A huge part of Bliss by Robin’s mission is to make yoga more accessible and to educate people on this ancient practice which often gets confused in the media. Many people still believe yoga is hippy, ‘girlie’, soft, involves tying yourself in knots and is for middle aged yummy mummies… whilst this might be true for some people. 

We believe yoga should be available for everyone –

therefore, you don’t have to any particular fitness or flexibility level, you don’t have to look a certain way or even wear Lycra… who ever you are, male of female try yoga because it might just surprise you. Find out what others say about yoga with Robin in our testimonials.

Yoga is now being prescribed by doctors in the NHS, used to help the performance of athletes, in schools, prisons and the workplace. All you have to do is search around for a teacher and style which suits your interest, for example their are classes which focus on: just physical asana practice, meditation/mindfulness, spiritual connection, relaxation.


“My mission is to educate and empower people on the workings of the mind and the connection between mind and body, sharing effective, scientifically proven tools to enhance physical and mental well-being.”

So whether you’re new to yoga or a regular practitioner, come and step on your mat and join Robin for her regular weekly classes in Cheltenham, Stroud and Tetbury

Or contact Robin to arrange a workshop at your school or one to one session.

Massive thank – you to Grace Delnevo for taking all the wonderful photos on this website.

Why ‘bliss?’

The word bliss means ‘supreme happiness, utter joy and contentment.’ Yoga provides exactly that – a complete tool kit for internal happiness and contentment for a higher quality of life.


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