Robin’s Adventures to The House of Lords.

Robin’s Adventures to the House of Lords On Thursday 22nd March 2018, I ventured out from the tranquil Cotswold to the busy rush of London, this was significant to me because I had never traveled alone to London, thus the whole experience was rather overwhelming and exhausting. However, it was a very potent day in […]

Kids Yoga Article

Hello, I just came across this wonderful article about getting kids in to yoga. 

Eco warrior

An update on my new years resolution Robins mission for reduced plastic consumption for a healthier, beautiful planet After watching ‘a plastic ocean’ on Netflix last year I was moved by the impact we were having on the planet and felt responsible to change my own lifestyle and buying habits to care for the earth.

Meet Team Bliss

Sivananda Hatha Yoga Sequence


Yoga replacing detention.

With the NHS offering jobs to yoga instructors to help improve the well-being of their staff, to recently releasing an array of well-being apps to be prescribed as a replacement to some drugs. It is no wonder

A Fantastic Start to February

If you are one of my followers on Facebook or Instagram, you may be aware that this weekend I decided to switch off my mobile device from Friday night to Sunday evening. 

Stiff Hips?

Links between emotional trauma or feeling emotionally unbalanced could be the reason why no matter how hard you try those hips just won’t get loose.