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Movement for Wellbeing FREE Online Classes for Under 25’s!


Gloucester Cathedral are funding Bliss by Robin and Floga to run free online ‘Movement for Wellbeing’ classes, for young people 12-24 yrs old. Starting on Tue 13th October – 3rd Dec 2020. People can attend all the weekly sessions or as/when suits.

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Welcome to Bliss

By Robin

Bliss by Robin (BBR) was founded in 2015 by Robin, the first ever teen in the UK to become a yoga teacher. Having used yoga throughout all her teen years she is now on a mission to share and empower others to a happier, healthier and more peaceful life.

Mission: to empower every young person with effective and engaging tools to support their mental health.

BBR teaches young people yoga to help them de-stress, focus and become comfortable in their physical body, relieving muscular tension and strengthening the whole body, especially the core and back. Through mindfulness, meditation and relaxation young people learn to take control of their mental health by changing and observing thoughts with compassionate awareness.

Watch the video below to see get a clearer idea of the classes:

“It’s hard to sum up how important Robin is to me and my 2 teenage daughters (14 and 17). I thought, ‘I want this beautiful, vibrant, inspiring young woman in my girls’ lives’. Both of my girls attend ‘Teen Yoga’. They talk enthusiastically about the classes and now practice yoga and meditation at home. My eldest has been invited to assist Robin in a new class, boosting her confidence and she is now considering training to become a Yoga teacher herself .” 

“Robin’s yoga classes have helped me manage my anger. I was seeing a therapist to help, but I found the practical breathing techniques from the yoga class most effective for daily life. When I lose my temper, I would try to remember to inhale for 5 and exhale for 10.”

“I was first introduced to yoga when Robin when she came to my sixth form and gave a brilliant presentation on the benefits of yoga. This immediately made me want to go along to one of her classes. Little did I know, it completely changed my life for the better. After just a few classes, I felt so much calmer and happier within myself; I felt like I had found a really great way to release all the negative emotions I was feeling. Robin is someone who I greatly look up to, she has raised so much awareness of how powerful yoga can be, not just to young people but to everyone. Her fun and unique classes are something I look forward to every week. Many others and I would agree that her contribution and enthusiasm will greatly change the world and so many people’s lives. Having this amazing practice to turn to whenever I need has definitely changed mine and I feel that without Robin’s influence and great teaching, I would be a different person.“ 

“I really enjoy yoga for many reasons. Firstly, since I have been coming, I have become calm and refreshed. It has made me focus and not get so stressed. I love practicing stretching, it makes me feel good about myself. Robin you are such a lovely, kind teacher and I appreciate your yoga so much.”

“Robin has been teaching my family and I yoga. I can honestly say that we have all noticed significant benefits as a result of this.  Greater awareness of the body and the mind and how they connect, an improved sense of relaxation and emotional well being. Robin is a great teacher, adapting sessions as we go, to our individual requirements and needs. I have started to incorporate some of the things I have learned,  such as the breathing techniques, into my day to day activities and I have found them so helpful.”

Stroud Teen Yoga partipant, Lucy Jane Carlile speaks openly below, about her transformation experience with yoga with Bliss by Robin.

Being a young practitioner herself, Robin wants to share yoga in a way that is accessible and fun for young people.

Find out more about the approach here.

Robins teaching is based on research exploring the needs and desires of young people. The classes are scientific so that they are open to people from a range of backgrounds, genders and beliefs. 

Everybody is welcome.

A huge part of Bliss by Robin’s mission is to make yoga more accessible and to educate people on this ancient practice which often gets confused in the media. Many people still believe yoga is hippy, ‘girlie’, soft, involves tying yourself in knots, requiring extreme flexibility and is for middle aged yummy mummies. Whilst this might be true for some people…

… taught well, yoga can be accessible to everyone, no matter their fitness, size, background, belief, religion or gender.

Yoga has many different styles to suit different needs. It is now being prescribed by doctors in the NHS, used to help top athletes perform to their best eg England’s Rugby and Football teams, more and more schools are putting it into the timetable. Yoga is even in prisons and the workplace. All you have to do is search around for a teacher and style which suits your interest. 

Movement for Modern Life (MFML) offers over 15 different styles of yoga with over 1000 videos and over 30 of the best teachers worldwide, you can also watch some of my videos on there too! 

Easy to use and access on desktop or app form. You can download videos for WIFI free moments or stream live. “I personally use MFML everyday, I love the high quality content, it’s my side kick for a motivation of happiness fix.” – Robin Watkins – Davis 

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