BLISS.ED training empowers young people with trans-formative wellbeing tools from yoga and mindfulness.

Educating young people on radical self care and empowering young people to share tools with their peers and friends using the Movement for Modern Life Software to ensure high quality and effective sessions are delivered.

After training young people become well-being ambassadors, essentially this is a peer to peer mentoring program, whereby ‘well-being ambassadors’ will be sharing tools from yoga and mindfulness to their peers in a school setting. Young people will  mentored by Robin Watkins – Davis, Emma Bell and Florence Cross.

The first ever pilot of the BLISS.ED training starts September 2019 at Bournside School, the largest comprehensive School in Gloucestershire. Fully funded by Sports England and the National Lottery, supported by Active Gloucestershire. 

Teaming up with Movement for Modern Life to provide online resources for ambassadors and schools. 

Co-badged and supported by the College of Medicine 

Other supporters include: Gloucestershire Healthy Living & Learning (GHLL), Gloucestershire CCG (NHS), Bournside School.

This intervention is being measured by GHLL, Gloucestershire CCG & Warwick & Edinburgh Well-being scale. If successful & sustainable this intervention will be scaled across Gloucestershire & the UK.