@blissedgeneration is using social media for good.

Social media can sometimes get a lot of bad press for contributing to the mental health epidemic in young people, adding additional stresses and pressures to teen life, promoting a culture of judgment, comparison and worrying what others think and how many likes or followers we have. However, for the CONS, there are PROS and at @blissedgeneration we like to focus on those.

Social media can:

  • exposure us to new ideas
  • connect people around the world

Used correctly and in moderation it can be an inspiring and motivational platform. Our mission as a team of young people, is to share useful tools and fresh perspectives on mental health.

If you are a young person and want to join the content and editing team contact robin.davis13@gmail.com and florence.rose.cross@gmail.com 

If you are a young person wanting to make content or feature in a video, post or blog contact blissed.education@gmail.com

Run by a team of young volunteers, well-being ambassadors and managed by Florence Cross & Robin Watkins – Davis 

See video below an example from Asher Courts, 18 years old from Gloucestershire. Anger management and yoga.

Sample some of our content, try a guided relaxation to help you de-stress and improve sleep

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