No one saw it coming. It’s changed everything, with some surprising opportunities and positives coming out of this global unprecedented crisis, I wish you all good health over the coming months and my heart goes out to the many that have lost loved ones or are suffering right now.

Hopefully to lift your spirits… I’ve got an exciting opportunity for you all.

With the economic and health situation at the moment SportEngland and Active Gloucestershire know the importance to offer free online actives for people to do in isolation right now. Therefore, they have funded BlissbyRobin to run three yoga classes a week which are FREE for anyone that wishes to join. These classes are aimed at students who have recently been told they can’t go to school and exams have been cancelled. 

To join the weekly online yoga classes here is all the key info you need:

Radio interview at the bottom of page for more information in audible format. 


MONDAY 8:30-9AM with Robin Watkins – Davis 

WEDNESDAY 20:00-21:00 PM with Robin Watkins-Davis

THURSDAY 16:00-17:00PM with Flo Cross 

FREE, kindly funded by Sport England.

If you would like to Donate we (‘Active Gloucestershire’) would greatly receive any additional funding so that additional yoga classes can be run after the three months of funding from SportEngland expires. 


How to join?

Visit on internet or download app

Enter code for both meeting ID and PASSWORD: 8356224434 to join meeting 

FOLLOW @blissbyrobin to keep up to date on social media with the online classes.