Movement for Wellbeing

Free online classes for people under 25! 

Thanks to funding from Gloucester Cathedral. 

At the start of COVID-19 isolation we had free online yoga classes funded by SportEngland, these ran for three months and were a great success. From that Gloucester Cathedral have generously funded another 8 week course running 13th Oct – 3rd Dec.

Key information

Starting on 13th Oct – 3rd Dec 2020.

Tuesday Evenings with Robin Watkins-Davis at 7:30-8:30 GMT (UK)

Thursday Afternoons with Florence Cross at 5:30-6:30pm GMT (UK)

The sessions will be taking place on zoom, a secure online video conferencing site. 

You don’t need anything other than yourself and access to zoom, you can use zoom on a smartphone by downloading the ZOOM app or on google on a laptop. If you have an exercise mat, that will make it more comfortable for you.

Please email to register. 

You can register even if the course has started. Registration is open.

Take a read of the posters below and watch the short 1 min YouTube video to find out more. 

To register for the online ‘Movement for Wellbeing’ Classes please complete the form below or email:

Extra Information

What will we be doing?

Hour long movement classes on zoom, combination of faster based ‘flowing’ movements and slower paced exercises to work on strength, building confidence, energy and motivation and stretching deeply, releasing muscular tension. We will also be doing some playful challenging postures to improve balance and have some fun. 

No previous experience is needed, the classes will be adaptable for everyone with different stages of postures depending on if you want a challenge or if you want to take it easy.

More information on the teachers:

Robin is the founder of Bliss by Robin and in 2016 was the UK’s youngest yoga teacher. She is now living in Australia, Tasmania where she was born, however she is a Gloucestershire girl having grown up in the UK her whole childhood/teen years. Robin now mentors and trains other young people to share movement and wellbeing with their peers.

Robin loves art, adventures such as mountain hikes and white water rafting! 

Flo Cross started off her yoga journey as a student of Robin’s three years ago, now Flo is the UK’s youngest teacher, qualifying at the age of 15! Flo inspires others daily on her Instagram account and is about to start her a-levels in September. 

Flo loves scuba diving, rugby and textiles. Visit Flo’s website


  • Calming
  • Support through the uncertainty of COVID-19
  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Improve strength, coordination and flexibility
  • Increase resilience 
  • Fun and playful
  • Challenge 
  • Improve mental head space
  • Increase positive thoughts and feelings such as gratitude, relaxation, motivation and focus 

What others say?

Robin is a fantastic teacher and never fails to make me feel happy and relaxed during her classes. Her yoga classes are perfect if you are looking for a way to unwind after a stressful day at work or just a fun evening activity. Robin is always patient and makes you feel welcome regardless of your ability. Her classes are made extra special by her glowing personality and warm energy.

Thank you so much for the lovely yoga sessions, my family and I have been doing them before bed to relax. You’re a really great teacher!

Yoga helps me feel happy and stress free and is improving my flexibility. (My cat has also been enjoying these lessons as she sleeps through most of them on the back of the sofa!)

We loved it and slept very well after the session :-)

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Please share the news with your friends and family, aim to share it with three-five more people so that as many people as possible can benefit from the free sessions!