It’s Time to Live in HARMONY With Your Cycle

Welcome to my first every VLOG post, made during the time of COVID-19 Isolation. 

With this extra time I have been implementing the practices found in the book ‘Wild Power’ by authors and founders of the ‘Red School.’ 

I have found ‘Wild Power’ life changing and have enjoyed and taken to the challenge of implementing their teaching into the way that I plan my working schedule around my menstrual cycle, working with my hormonal, emotional and energetic patterns, instead of pushing through and working against them.

The result… greater wellbeing, rest, energy, inspiration, ideas, productivity, confidence and connection. 

Watch the 4 minute video below to find out more.

In essence living your life with your cycle is about tracking your period constantly, and I recommend doing it thoroughly for a few months so you can identify patterns and then start to schedule and plan your work and social life around this natural inner cycle.

I use a moon diary and write a couple of the sentences at the end of every day, noting down how I felt in regards to my emotions, energy level, hormones and any pains or symptoms eg cramping. I love using my moon calendar as it shows the relationship between the moon and my cycle, for example I know that on a new moon it will be my bleed and during a full moon I will be at ovulation where my energy is much higher, so this is a great time to be social and complete a project.

If this interested you or you have questions drop me an email or DM on social media. @blissbyrobin

Take a look at the work of RED SCHOOL, where you can also buy a copy of Wild Power. CLICK TO TAKE ME TO THE RED SCHOOL SITE >>