Team Bliss

Meet the Bliss by Robin team.

Florence Cross and Emma Louise Bell newly qualified yoga teachers, super lovely and experienced yoga practitioners.

Florence Cross is now the new UK’S youngest yoga teacher! Having completed her 200hr TTC training in Aug 2019 at the age of 15. Flo has been coming to Bliss by Robin classes for the last three years, she has actively supported Robin with many outreach projects and campaigns, speaking at the Instil conference in London on mental health, creating and running @blissedgeneration and covering occasional Bliss by Robin classes. Other than yoga Flo loves scuba diving and rugby, running her own female team. Flo is an exceptional young lady, a role model and inspiration, wise beyond her years! 

@cross_flo – Instagram 


Emma Louise Bell has recently trained in Aug 2019 to be a yoga teacher. Although Emma has only trained she is highly experienced, at the young age of 21 she has practiced nearly every form of yoga, working in several Pilates and yoga studio in the Cotswolds. Emma has had a very successful career as a professional ballet dancer, recently working for Royal Ballet Company in Birmingham, Emma will be dancing again as part of the SHIFT Project… we can’t wait! And assistant teacher for the BLISS.ED training program. Emma is also really interested in nutrition. With Dance, yoga, healing and nutrition Emma offers a full package and is a very special lady with a loving, gentle nature. 

@emmalouisebell – Instagram 

Meet Sofia Lily Saville 

Sofia helps out with the classes in Stroud, she has been coming to classes for the last three years and is a talented aerial performer with the ‘School of Larks’ based in the Costswolds. Sophia sometimes teaches postures during classes, as part of the Bliss by Robin mentoring program, which Florence Cross recently went through. 

Being taught by Sophia is a real retreat, she has great awareness of subtle feelings and bodily movements and shares new and exciting moves from aerial, she is grounded and confident with a lovely gentle approach. 

@ sofiaa.lilyy – Instagram 

Want to join the team or start a mentoring program with Robin? Contact via email, text or social media.