“It’s hard to sum up how important Robin is to me and my 2 teenage daughters (14 and 17). I thought, ‘I want this beautiful, vibrant, inspiring young woman in my girls’ lives’. Both of my girls attend ‘Teen Yoga’. They talk enthusiastically about the classes and now practice yoga and meditation at home. My eldest has been invited to assist Robin in a new class, boosting her confidence and she is now considering training to become a Yoga teacher herself .” 

During each session students have been happy to engage with yoga, most doing it for the very first time. Robin sets an appropriate tone where students respond openly to her instructions and she manages to hold their focus whilst they attempt postures. Feedback from our students has been great, and they request more yoga in school. If money was no object, we would ask Robin to deliver yoga to our students on a more regular basis.” 

We have been running Yoga here at Eastwood Park for two years now and it cannot be underestimated the impact it has had. Robin’s classes are met with great anticipation as she has a very good energy and way of delivering to the wide variety of characters and ability levels, she receives every week! We have had some turn up that are very angry with one thing or another, from the morning’s events but by the time the yoga session has finished it’s like they are a new person. This is hugely important, especially in the unique environment we are in. The impact this has, is that the individual may now not go and act out that anger in another form.

“Most of the Guides really enjoyed the yoga, and even the reluctant ones joined in the session. Robin was fantastic with the Guides and spoke to them on a level they could really relate to. Many of them cited the yoga as their favourite part of the weekend. We have a few Guides who are known for being a bit excitable and noisy and it was particularly noticeable how well they responded to the session. We would love to have Robin back to do another class in the future and will recommend Robin to other Guide units in Cheltenham.”

“Robin’s yoga classes have helped me manage my anger. I was seeing a therapist to help, but I found the practical breathing techniques from the yoga class most effective for daily life. When I lose my temper, I would try to remember to inhale for 5 and exhale for 10.”

“I was first introduced to yoga when Robin when she came to my sixth form and gave a brilliant presentation on the benefits of yoga. This immediately made me want to go along to one of her classes. Little did I know, it completely changed my life for the better. After just a few classes, I felt so much calmer and happier within myself; I felt like I had found a really great way to release all the negative emotions I was feeling. Robin is someone who I greatly look up to, she has raised so much awareness of how powerful yoga can be, not just to young people but to everyone. Her fun and unique classes are something I look forward to every week. Many others and I would agree that her contribution and enthusiasm will greatly change the world and so many people’s lives. Having this amazing practice to turn to whenever I need has definitely changed mine and I feel that without Robin’s influence and great teaching, I would be a different person.“ 

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