Private Appointments


Private lessons allow you to learn yoga and mindfulness in the comfort of own home at a convenient time to suit your life. You can book sessions with your family and friends or just yourself! Together with Robin you will create bespoke sequences aligned with your needs, goals and intentions. 

For all ages and group sizes and perfect as gift vouchers – Robin can make a special gift voucher for your friend/family member by contacting her. 

Private appointments are personalised to suit the needs of the you/ group/ school.


Teen private appointment,  1 hour slot = £30 per hour*

Adult Private appointment, 1 hour slots =£40 per hour*

* please note this pricing excludes travel costs at 30p a mile. Please contact Robin for your quote. 

Alternatively, Robin can come and give presentations and taster sessions about yoga and mindfulness related topics.

If you would like to make an inquiry, please contact Robin.

“Robin’s yoga teaching has a unique style which is simple yet deep, innocent yet effortlessly wise. Light hearted yet heart held. Accessible and connecting for new comers or old masters a like. Robin is a modern day shepherd. Guiding and loving and filled with light. I am so grateful to practice with her.” 

“Robin has been teaching us my family and I yoga. I can honestly say that we have all noticed significant benefits as a result of this.  Greater awareness of the body and the mind and how they connect, an improved sense of relaxation and emotional well being. Robin is a great teacher, adapting sessions as we go, to our individual requirements and needs. I have started to incorporate some of the things I have learned,  such as the breathing techniques, into my day to day activities and I have found them so helpful.”

“Most of the Guides really enjoyed the yoga, and even the reluctant ones joined in the session. Robin was fantastic with the Guides and spoke to them on a level they could really relate to. Many of them cited the yoga as their favourite part of the weekend. We have a few Guides who are known for being a bit excitable and noisy and it was particularly noticeable how well they responded to the session. We would love to have Robin back to do another class in the future and will recommend Robin to other Guide units in Cheltenham.” 

Private Booking Enquiries