Yoga in Schools

Robin provides yoga presentations and classes in schools as part of assemblies, well-being/PSHE lessons and activities week.

Robin has taught groups from 10 students to 150 and adapt her presentation and yoga class so it works best for your school. She has gone into a range of schools, from primary, secondary, sixth form, grammar, private and state. 

Students leave the assembly feeling well informed and aware of yoga and its benefits. The yoga class enables them to all have a go and often they are presently surprised at how much they enjoyed it with many of them now attending Robins weekly classes. Most importantly after the assembly the students have some tools which they can use to manage stress so that they can be happy and perform well in school. 


£30-40 for 1 hour + travel expenses. Please contact for a quote. 

Funding or discounts may be possible if your school requires this.

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“During each session students have been happy to engage with yoga, most doing it for the very first time. Robin sets an appropriate tone where students respond openly to her instructions and she manages to hold their focus whilst they attempt postures. Feedback from our students has been great, and they request more yoga in school. If money was no object, we would ask Robin to deliver yoga to our students on a more regular basis.” 

“Robin’s classes are met with great anticipation as she has a very good energy and way of delivering to the wide variety of characters and ability levels, she receives every week! We have had some turn up that are very angry with one thing or another, from the morning’s events but by the time the yoga session has finished it’s like they are a new person. This is hugely important, especially in the unique environment we are in. The impact this has, is that the individual may now not go and act out that anger in another form.