“Try to be the best human you can be at any given moment. Do it because it is right to do. Take up the battle, it’s yours, you make your own choices, try it, pick up the battle and make it a better world, just where you are, it can be better and it will be better, but it is up to us.”

I can really relate to Dr. Maya Angelou’s message, how often do you doubt your own choices? I know I do this often, gathering all the opinions I possibly can before I make a choice on: what A levels I should take, if I should go travelling, If I should wear the purple top or the blue. No matter how small or big, I keep asking, keep seeking. We all do it, we want approval from others instead of listening to what we want, what we truly desire. But, Maya makes things simple for us, she reminds us to do what our soul craves.

I ask you to have no regrets, you did your best in that moment.