Robin’s Adventures to the House of Lords

On Thursday 22nd March 2018, I ventured out from the tranquil Cotswold to the busy rush of London, this was significant to me because I had never traveled alone to London, thus the whole experience was rather overwhelming and exhausting. However, it was a very potent day in the yoga world. 

I was visiting London for a meeting in the house of Lords, which Heather Mason from ‘the Minded Institute’ and Lord Stone had arranged. I had previously attended another meeting to discuss the the APPG (All party- parliamentary group) back in November. This meeting was particularity exciting as we were to find out if the APPG would be officially formed. 

On arrival there were many police offers armed and a airport like security system to go through. Once I was in side – it was spacious, open, cold and quiet – you could hear a pin drop, it was almost like entering a church with all of the beautiful stain glass windows and art. 

I went down to the cafe and had an afternoon tea and then sat somewhere quiet to meditate. 

The meeting then began and it was lovely to see so many previous connections, colleagues and friends as well as meeting new ones. We began the meeting with a two minute silence to remind ourselves of mindfulness but most importantly to give our respect to the accident which happened on Westminster bridge a year to the date.

In the meeting we had presentations from Dr. Ned Hartfield, Timonthy McCall MD, Ly Anh Dang MD and Helen Martin MD – who spoke about the importance and scientific research into yoga. Heather Mason and Lord Stone also spoke and reminded us of the importance of working together for the same goal, as doctors, leaders, parliamentarians and yoga teachers for the good of society. 

Why the APPG has been created?

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” – B.K.S Iyengar

With the huge popularity of people practicing yoga in the UK, £,700,000 estimated and many schools, businesses and public sectors noticing the importance of having yoga for their staff or students to cost effectiveness, well-being and reduced absenteeism. 

As a group we realise the need for government support for all of these sectors and society. The formation of the APPG is there so parliamentarians can support the yoga community, leaders in healthcare, criminal justice, education and occupational health. ‘Together we can determine an intelligent policy, establish a best practice and help society understand that yoga is for everyone.’

In the APPG we will be:

Holding events, creating reports, research, provide yoga classes to parliamentary estate, offer guidance on how to employ yoga into organisations such as NHS, provide insight into how yoga can improve well-being and performance to our leaders. 

I felt hugely moved and honored to be part of such an exciting movement, the room was full of people at the height of their careers and there I was just 19 years old – saying to them ‘that we need yoga in schools and we need the governments support with funding for the schools.’ I also remarked on the importance to carry out research to really find out what young people want and need from yoga, this already a huge part of my work and I am constantly reviewing and adjusting my teaching language and delivery so that it can resonate with young people. I think this would be a critical factor to consider when yoga does go into schools- there needs to be a standard of best practice. I was so grateful for their response with one of the MP’S kindly offering guidance. I can already see that this APPG is going to do great things for society and I am very pleased and honored to be a part of that movement. 

This is a huge mark in history 

We believe that there is no other nation that has an APPG in yoga so far!

So proud of Britain for this…. let’s make it Great again! :) 

Well done to everyone’s hard work to make this happen.