An update on my new years resolution

Robins mission for reduced plastic consumption for a healthier, beautiful planet

After watching ‘a plastic ocean’ on Netflix last year I was moved by the impact we were having on the planet and felt responsible to change my own lifestyle and buying habits to care for the earth.

Inspired by this film I also gave a talk at the instill conference in London with team Bliss where I talked about yoga bringing greater awareness to body, mind, behavior and emotion and thus giving a greater awareness of the world around ourselves – the bigger picture and how this has helped me feel greater compassion and care for our planet. After giving that talk I felt like I should really do something to help.

So this year, I decided it was the perfect time to do something about it myself, just in small ways. One of the main driving factors for this was spending 10 days on the river Franklin in Tasmania. By being so close to water and nature it felt hard to ignore Earths cry out for change for the sustainability and health of the creatures, coral reefs and landscape. 

So here is what I have started to do:

  • shop at the farmers market to avoid vegetables and fruit wrapped in packaging
  • searched the supermarkets for products which are not wrapped in plastic
  • bought traditional soap bars in cardboard boxes – I really love the Calendula one by ‘Weleda‘ and I also found a great shampoo bar and use hair oil for conditioner 
  • starting to stop using plastic sanitary products and instead use ecopads by ‘EcoFemme‘ they are great for the planet, affordable, comfortable and the whole business is run by fantastic ladies in India doing wonderful things to empower women in India. 
  • use a glass or metal drinking bottle and refill water instead of buying water bottles. 
  • always have shopping bags in car so I don’t have to buy more plastic ones – but if you do forget just ask the supermarket for cardboard boxes they have loads they will happily give you

As you can see there are many small ways that you can help out our planet, please get in touch if you have any ideas. 

With love

R x