Living in Harmony With Your Cycle

Understand your period and increase your well-being, creativity and motivation. VLOG by Bliss by Robin


Free online yoga, funded by SportEngland to support students through isolation, Improve mental health and immune system with yoga for COVID-19.

Kids Yoga Article

Hello, I just came across this wonderful article about getting kids in to yoga. 

Stiff Hips?

Links between emotional trauma or feeling emotionally unbalanced could be the reason why no matter how hard you try those hips just won’t get loose.

Gloucestershire Live Article

Huge Thank you to GloucestershireLive who have created this gorgeous article about my journey and yoga classes starting soon.


Yoga changes lives

People often ask me about why I started yoga and I think it’s because we find it surprising how one small practice can make such a huge impact to people’s lives. I really love this article by the Guardian sharing others personal insights into how yoga helped turn their lives around. If Yoga can change my life and theirs then why couldn’t it change yours?


Yoga in the NHS!

Yoga in the NHS! … I really hope this happens, I think Yoga would be a wonderful solution to preventing illness and stress among the Nurses and Doctors and curing illness with patients. Give it a read and let me know what you think.



Jessamyn Stanley smashes yoga stereotypes

Let jessamyn stanley smash any previous stereotypes you had to practice yoga. I love this video because it really highlights that yoga is for everyone. The mat really isn’t going to judge you…


Science behind Yoga video

This is SUPER EXCITING stuff! With some of the latest scientific studies this video is an easy and fascinating watch. If this isn’t enough reasons to get you on the mat, I don’t know what is!